Lessons from Job 29:6 and 2 Kings 13:14-20

The Bible reveals to us in Job 29:6 ;”when I wash my feet with butter ,oil from the rock will flow” . The feet is symbolic of direction or life choices(Psalm 119.105). Butter is symbolic of riches or wealth (Isa.7:22). Oil is symbolic the anointing of Gods spirit and it is not a bottle of oil(psalm 89:20). The rock is symbolic of Christ the rock( 1Cor. 10:4). When I soak my feet in the riches of God’s word, the anointing will flow. Any anointing that flows outside of the teaching of God’s word is man made. It doesn’t matter what bottle of oil is poured on you. The real anointing is found in the word, it is only released by the Holy Spirit not a bottle of olive oil.

The word of God produces the flow of God’s anointing by the Holy Spirit. The word alone releases the anointing through the Holy Spirit. Some will say you need to be immersed in prayer for the anointing. How can you pray outside of the language of God’s will. Have you not read 1John 5:14 that “if we ask anything according to His will, He listens to us”. God listens to the language of His Will. Yes only the language of His will. His will is His word. It is the word that initiates a productive prayer life because God cannot deny Himself or His word. Prayer is also an outflow of the revelation of God’s word. When we give ourselves to the word, anointing to do exploits happens. Power to pray comes. We must however be careful, the ANOINTING IS NOT FOR US BUT FOR SERVICE UNTO OTHERS. Don’t show off with “the anointed” tag, show forth the glory of Him who called you. Jesus was anointed to do things for others – Isaiah 61:1 says to preach the gospel to the poor, open the eyes of the blind etc.

LOOK AT ELISHA: 2 Kings 13:14-20 says “Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness of which he died”.

Elisha was so anointed but it was sickness that killed him. Why? Is the anointing on him not powerful enough to protect him? The anointing is for others. We are anointed for others. Faith works for us, anointing works for others. Faith is the direct allocation of what God has said through His word to you and I. Yes faith is for us. We have faith for our personal life. The just shall live by faith not anointing. The Yoruba song , “opelope anointing” is a corruption of Gods truth. Many of these songs are misleading. One sang a song saying “ijoba orun ni ere onigbagbo” which means the Kingdom of heaven is the reward of believers. That is falsehood from the pit of deceit. Heaven is not a reward, it is a gift. A reward is what you get for working. We are not saved by works but by grace. It is a gift not a reward. That is not gospel music but emotional songs. So be careful what songs you listen to. Gospel song are direct proclamation of the truths of the Bible alone. You will wonder what about Psalms 105:15;“touch not my anointed”. The anointed in the context refers to the patriarchs of faith – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but may also refer to Israel and everything consecrated UNTO God. God protects those consecrated unto Him. It is not the anointing protecting, it is God protecting the anointed or consecrated. Jesus is called the Christ, He should have been protected from the wicked that killed him because he was anointed. But God raised him when the enemy thought they had won. The anointing is Gods personal seal or mark for those He has called out to work and serve with Him. So be careful how

you relate to the anointed or consecrated unto God. God himself protects them and raises them. So was it the anointing that protects? It is God that says “touch not my anointed”. I know this sound untraditional but check the scriptures to see that everyone anointed or even everything anointed was anointed for service.

Tables, utensils etc were anointed in the old testament. God sets apart unto Himself people and things for service.

Faith protects you, anointing is for others. The Bible again speaks of the shield of faith, what does a shield do? Ephesians 6:16 says; “taking up the shield of faith…” A shield protects. Faith protects. Trust what God says. Elisha’s bone was still anointed even after death that the Bible says it raised a dead soldier from the dead. Read 2 Kings 13:21. In spite of the anointing, sickness still killed Elisha. What would raise Elisha would have been faith. Faith in what God says about His state. So build your faith and let Gods word release the anointing for service. If we are anointed, we will do service. But for our day to day life – we LIVE BY FAITH. Shalom!

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